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Facebook and its co-founder Mark zuckerberg story and biography

This world has now become a global village.There was the time when pigeons were used to contact with each other.Now it has become very easy to contact with others and tell people about your location,current activities and many other things in just few seconds.(with the help of social media).
We are familar with  facebook but many of you don't know about facebook,ots cofounder amd how facebook was started and introduced.In this post I will tell you about the story facebook and its co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark zuckerberg who is the founder of facebook was born on 14 May,1984 in New York.His father Edward was dentist and his mother Karen was psychiatrist.

Mark was very fond of computer and programming from his childhood.In his age of 12,he created a software for his fathers dental clinic.
He had also learned to develop games in his childhood.After seeing his interest in computer his father hired a computer teacher for him.
When he was 15 years old he created a music app PANDORA(musoc app).many companies also interest to buy this application.

In 2002 Mark got admission in Harvard university,today which is one of the best university in the world.

In few months he became famous in Harvard university with the name of software boy.Mark created a facemash website and he hacked pictures of girls studying in harvard university and said people to vote who is more beautiful.

He did this only for fun but due to this activity the website of harvard university crashed and due to this he became very famous in Harvard university.
Three rich students of Harvard university Divya Narendra,Cameron and Tyler(who were twin brothers) contacted Mark to create a website with the name of Harvard Connection,so the students of university can contact with each other easily.

Mark agreed to create this website and after this the idea of FACEBOOK flashed into his mind and after this Mark started work on his project of FACEBOOK and then he left Harvard university with out completing his studies and promoted all his attention on his Facebook project and due to his Facebook idea Divya,Cameron and Tyler were very unhappy with Mark and they were feeling that he stole their  idea of Harvard Connection and due to this Mark shifted to california with his four friends and continued to work on Facebook.

At the end of 2004 mark succeed to get 10 lac users on Facebook and then in 2005 ome investor give 12.7 million$ to Mark for facebook amd with the help of this investement he succeed to spread facebook in the world and then at the end of  December 2005 he got 60 lac users on facebook.

But in 2006 Divya,Cameron and Tyler decided to took Mark to the court because they believed that the concept of Facebook was there idea and then they demanded large amount of money from Mark but Mark professed that these both ideas were very differnet to each other but Mark case was very weak and then he paid 65 million$ to them because of their demand to close the case but all these things didnot stop MARK ZUCKERBERG nad success of FACEBOOK and facebook continued to grow.

In 2010 Mark got an award of"PERSON OF THE YEAR" by TIME magazines.

Now mark is the fifth richest man in the world.

At the end of this blog i will tell you about some facts of facebook:
The colourof facebook is blue because it is a sign of Trust and Believe also Mark is colour blind  and it is possible that Mark choosed this colour accidently.

LIKE button in facebook was firstly named as AWESOME button but in 2007 Mark changed awesome name into Like.

8 people per second create account on facebook in the world.

In facebook,there are 30 lac accounts of people which are dead now.

You cannot block MarkZuckerberg real account on facebook

8.2% facebook accounts are fake.

Mark zuckerberg is also the owner of WHATSAPP and INSTAGRAM.
He buy whatsapp for 19 billion$ in 2014.


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