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Unbelievable facts present in this world that you don't know

  Unbelievable facts you don't know

Here i will show you the most unbelievable facts and informations present in this world:

We believe that cold water turns into ice faster than hot water but this is not true actually hot water turns faster into ice.
Unbelievable facts about world

Tongue has strongest MUSCLE in our body.

If colours are not added to Coca Cola then its original colour will be green.
Unbelievable facts about world

your weight will be slightly less,when the moon is directly over your head.
Unbelievable facts about world

You cannot lick your elbow

Honey is not spoil even after 1000 years.

Longest word in English language with out vowel is "RHYTHM".

Butterfly are only insects that taste with their feets.
Unbelievable facts about world

If you hear headphone for an hour then it will increase the bacteria by 700 times in your ear.
Unbelievable facts about world

Just as every human has different finger print similarly tongue of every human has also different prints.
Unbelievable facts about world

98% of people who are reading this does not know "what is SEO".

If you want to know which diamond is genuine breathe on it,fake diamond will not stay clear it will become foggy but genuine will stay clear.
Unbelievable facts about world

The most three sold products in the history of humans are IPHONE,HARRY POTTER books and RUBIK's CUBE.
Unbelievable facts about world

The only country in the world which has not any river is SAUDI ARABIA.
Unbelievable facts about world

The weight of single cloud is more than 1 million pounds.
Unbelievable facts about world

Only 10% people in the world are left handed.

On Earth raining is of water and other impurities but on JUPITER and SATURN raining is of DIAMONDS.
Unbelievable facts about world


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